Marine Cargo Takaful

Cargo Takaful Protects

Marine Cargo Takaful service protects all goods whilst in transit, depending upon the needs of the client. Three broad types of cover are available, i.e. Institute Cargo Clauses “A”, “B” and “C”. The cover takes care of risks associated with different modes of transportation;

Coverage may be provided for individual shipments or under an ongoing contract known as an “open policy”. An open policy is a contract prepared in general terms covering specified goods on terms agreed and can be issued to cover goods shipped anywhere in the world on a declaration basis.

Coverage can vary as under, based on the nature and type:

  • All risks by sea or air or parcel post.
  • All risks land transit
  • Restricted cover by sea, air, parcel post or land
  • The sum covered is the agreed value, which in most cases will be CIF and/or C&F plus 10% or FOB plus 10 to 20%. The factors taken into account for calculating the contributions in Takaful Fund depend on the nature and type of cargo, method of packing, mode of shipment, age and type of vessel and the ports to be used.
Salient Features
  • A Shariah Compliant way to protect the risks.
  • Profit Sharing.
  • Excellent Services and Prompt settlement of claims.
  • Tailored made services as per customer’s need.
  • All financial transactions are duly vetted by Shariah Advisor.